Welcome to the Grand Library of Stories, a library that will never end, an ever-expanding Universe of Stories, Tales, Discovery and Exploration. A place where you can find everything you ever wanted to read. Welcome, to the Infinity Books.

The grand library of dreams

Beyond Strange

Have you ever experienced something so strange and surreal that you couldn’t believe it was real? Have you ever felt like you were living in a dream, where anything could happen and the rules of logic and reason no longer applied? That’s the feeling I had when I embarked on my own story, a journey through a series of bizarre and interconnected tales that defied explanation and comprehension.

At first, I didn’t understand what was happening to me. I stumbled into a world where houses appeared and disappeared at random, where animals talked and had their own society, and where time travel and parallel universes were a reality. Each story was more incredible than the last, and yet they all seemed to be part of a larger, story that I couldn’t fully grasp.

As I explored this strange and surreal world, I began to realize that there was a purpose to my journey. The stories were not just random events, but carefully chosen experiences that were meant to teach me something important about myself and the world around me. They challenged my assumptions and preconceptions, and opened my mind to new possibilities and perspectives.

And so, I invite you to join me on this journey through a world that is both familiar and yet completely unknown. As you read these tales, remember that anything is possible



Any Story is connected with each other somehow.

Dreams, Magic, Love.

Everything is connected.

Are you ready to explore infinity?



Write your own stories.

In any genre.

Or connect to others.

And extend theirs with your ideas.


I love reading! Do you? Do you love? You should! Think about what you love in your life. I love Fantasy. Do you? Science Fiction? How about Poetry? Horror? Erotic? Let me ask you … What do you dream about?

The infinity books is an endless room of creativity and mind. You will see time travelers, talking animals, mystic creatures like the Dreamkeeper and you can explore an infinite amount of Worlds unseen.

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Love, an emotion so powerful that it can bridge chasms of difference and light the darkest corners of our souls, was the first tale ever told. It was an epic without words, an odyssey without pages, a narrative that thrived in the silent glances exchanged and the gentle brushes of fingertips.

When we read, it's like listening to someone's feelings. We learn about what scares them and what makes them really happy. Each book is like a special door, every page is like an adventure, every word tells us something about the person who wrote it.

tell your story

What about writing? It's like turning feelings and thoughts into words on paper. When someone writes, they're not just drawing letters; they're sharing a piece of who they are. Writing is like giving a special gift of yourself. It's a way to show your feelings and let others see, understand, and care about them.


Imagination ...

... our most powerful tool. It helps us to understand the feelings of others and ...

... of our own.

It helps us to understand the world around us.


... to express ourself.

How it works?

1. Anyone can create a book and add chapters to it from all stories that are public.

2. Change the order of stories, title your book and put it live in our bookstore, the grand library.

3. The books creator and any author which story is inside the book will receive a share of each sale.